At Grace Bible, we offer Sunday morning classes for children from birth through high school. Starting with the K4-K5 group, all ages are currently utilizing the Answers In Genesis ABC Sunday School curriculum. 

Nursery- Infants birth- K3

K4 & K5- room 28

Elementary - grades 1-4

Middle- grades 5-8

Youth at Grace Bible Church

Cross training time (9:30-10:30) sunday morning

worship time (11:30-12) sunday morning

At Grace Bible, we encourage older children to accompany the adults in the sanctuary as we worship through the sharing of God's Word in music and preaching. The nursery is always open, however, and for the younger children K4-3rd grade, we do offer a Bible lesson and activity in the following location. 

Nursery- Infants birth- K3

K4- room 28

K5-3rd grade- fellowship hall

Lock-in (apr '17)

ambassador camp- Jul '17

other Youth activities 

Youth at GBC have the opportunity to experience other types of activities in addition to the Sunday morning teaching mentioned above.