A group from our church will be joining others in Ikondo, Haiti July 2-July 9 as a part of the Hands and Feet Mission Team.  This is a group very near & dear to our hearts, working with orphaned and neglected children.




‚ÄčOur church will gather a team to join Kim and Andy Povaleri in Kenya, January 2020 at the Center for Mission Mobilization (CMM).  Their ultimate goal is to initiate and cultivate mission movements from the unsent workforce to the neighboring peoples and nations who remain unreached with the gospel, working primarily in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

At Grace Bible, we value missions. Taking God's Word to others, in response to the Great Commission. We support domestic missionaries as well as others, around the globe. Here are some highlights from recent mission trips!  




In 2016, Grace Bible sent out two groups: the first to Alaska, to help with a construction project related to the Kingdom Air Corps. 

The second trip, composed primarily of teens served in the Dominican Republic, where they assisted Word of Life Missionaries with evangelistic skits, as well as a camp construction project. 

In May 2018, Grace Bible Church sent a group to minister in Alaska with KAC (Kingdom Air Corps) building a plane hangar, and other physical needs related to taking the Gospel to remote parts of Alaska and Russian Siberia.

a heart for missions

For 2017, there were two mission trips: In July a group went to Colorado to work with the Christian Discipleship center, a mission dedicated to helping Native Americans, through Christ, escape a lifestyle of substance abuse. 

In August, a second trip went to Haiti to work with the Hands and Feet organization, ministering to orphans and neglected children, showing them God's love.