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Bulletin: September 19, 2021

Updated (Sept 2021 )

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(CT) Sunday School: 9:30 AM 

Worship service: 11 AM

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Sunday Services

Gather with us in person, 11am Sundays!

6725 Hwy 152 E, Rockwell, NC 28138

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'Life Groups,' Ladies', Youth, Children's, & Men's Ministries

Sunday School "Cross Training" classes, all ages  - (9:30 AM) with recording available on Youtube.

Worship Service (11:00 AM),

 recording available on YouTube

Meet our elders and worship leaders! .

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6725 Hwy 152 E, Rockwell, NC 28138 

704 279 6820

Email: secretary@gracebiblerockwell.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/GBCRockwell